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Grassland String Band (from the album Grassland (Still Not A) String Band available as a self-release) (by Bryant Liggett)

Grassland are, in fact, not a string band. Although there are strings in the band. The band name would lead you to believe the group are a twang driven Bluegrass band, and while there is some honky tonk heard on the seven cuts that make up Grassland (still not a) String Band, they favor plugging in and throwing down over keeping it acoustic. Grassland String Band all top players, with solos delivered clean and concise, and fills placed perfectly like snapping in that last piece of the puzzle. There is lots of attitude in album opener “Lipstick and Tattoos”, Leanne Daniels sounding confident and defiant as the protagonist of the song, the band behind her firing on all cylinders.
“Running From Myself” begins slow and steady before kicking into a slice of newgrass with a click-clack rhythm, Adam Poulin’s fiddle solo ripping along before fading away to make room for a Southern-rock guitar solo.  “Running Like I’m Standing Still” begins hinting around a Celtic tune before kicking into full, singalong ballad, that click-clack rhythm comes back for “Fools Day”, “Drive This Car”, and “Love is Love” with Daniels back at the vocals are both ready for commercial Country airplay.
Ending with a curveball, “Natalie” throws out the dance-heavy groove, as the band truly proves they are not a string band but based on this track they could be a Funk band. (by Bryant Liggett)
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