GSB Completes EOP Red Clay Live Album

Even with all the planning and rehearsal, recording a live performance doesn’t guarantee a successful album.

In this case, it did.

In early November, GSB performed at the EOP Red Clay Music Foundry in Duluth, Georgia.  Among the finest listening halls in the South, Eddie Owen and his team produce the quintessential experience for any musician, from the lavishly stocked green room and kitchen to the pinpoint accurate sound system and video services.   Recording here was an easy choice for GSB.

EOP sound engineer Shalom Aberle is simply the best.  Eddie Owen said of Shalom,  “What (he) does better than any other sound engineer I have worked with is create in a live environment the same listening experience you get when you listen to your favorite album in your preferred manner, whether that means a vinyl record on a turntable, a CD through headphones or whatever.”   Shalom’s vast real-world experiences as both an artist and engineer come through in the clean sound that he delivers to the audience during a show and in the exquisitely mixed tracks that he produces.  Shalom gives his best and is straightforwardly expectant of the same from performers.  For GSB, the results were very, very good.

EOP videographer Jonathan Vinson  taped the show, expertly documenting the onstage personalities of GSB and the interaction with an appreciative crowd.  Here the eye verifies what the ear hears:  there is passion in this band, captured in the faces as much as in the voices and hands.   Many of those videos are available on the GSB You Tube Channel.

GSB plans to release the album, titled Cold Blooded, Bleeding Heart, on iTunes and other media outlets within the next few weeks.  It is currently available from the band and at shows on an 8gb GSB logo flash drive that includes the songs and videos.