Grassland Recording Latest Album!

Keane2Grassland has begun the production of their next album scheduled for release late this year.  Recording at Keane Studios in Athens, Georgia, Grassland is once again working with producer/engineer John Keane  (REM, Widespread Panic, Indigo Girls).  Keane has produced several Grassland songs, including Dreamers and Heartache and Drifting.

The pandemic has delayed the sessions, but the hope is that recording can resume in the fall.

Among the songs expected to be on the album include Grassland originals “Running From Myself” (Jason Badia),  “Lipstick and Tattoos” (Leanne Daniels), “Moon Unit” (Kevin Fleming) and “Running Like I’m Standing Still”  (Jody Daniels).  Several more will be added.

This will be the band’s fourth album since its beginnings in 2013.