Michael Lesousky

Michael Lesousky was born in Florida. He lived with horses and sang songs to the pastures. Bluegrass stole his soul from the standards of led zeppelin enraptured him for 7 years. In college, his mind began to wrap around soft acoustic sounds. Trying to run from the banjo. Over the years, enveloped in the traditional music of the American south, Midwestern neo folk revival, and DIY music scene of Athens, Michael isn’t sure what is and isn’t music anymore. His mind sees something that isn’t there and knows there is more than meets the eyes. From mandolin to guitar and a slew of other instruments, Michael is fascinated by the illusions and implied sounds that warp and twist with each and every condition songs are performed. Grassland string band has kept Michael together. It is the healthy sized pot of soil for his bluegrass roots to thrive in the atmosphere of Athens and with the fellow musicians in GSB he feels the urge and ability for to let the branches grow wherever they please. Something unusual this way comes.

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